im sorry everyone
im such a fucking jerk

I’m wrong ok
I’m making all this up just to put myself in this shit hole
I just

it’s all my fault

Here they are! u v u

Despite all the upsetness I’m feeling, I bought some floral headbands and a pair of cat ears yesterday while I was out shopping!


stupid basic poetry + stupid basic doodling

i hope the coldness consumes me…,.

I want to fucking forget everything that I hold now/before so dearly
they’re all gone now and I know a lot of reasons for it
the main one being me

i can feel my chance of having friends and having the friends i have now slipping away ahaha

i can’t fucking sleep
it hurts

im too fucking tired
my head hurts
my stomach hurts
my chest hurts

I can’t even fucking kill myself so I guess I’ll still stay
for now

forget it
just fucking forget it
go on with your lives and forget about me

Same here! It’s kind of seizure inducing, too.
At least put up a fucking warning, like dang.